So Limitless Creations was created to provide quality items to anyone with custom options in mind. Every item on this website is unique and made to last. I offer crochet items and necklaces. All items are made by the only owner, Krystal. Photos of products are taken by myself & all products are handmade.

I have been crocheting for over 10 years and I want to share my creations with you. All crochet items are one of a kind. There are a bunch of pre-made headbands ready to ship in the shop. Some headbands listed are full flower crowns, and some have flowers halfway around. If you don't see what you're looking for, you can request a custom headband! These orders will take 1 to 2 weeks to create and ship to you.

These headbands can be worn to parties, weddings, the park, or on a stroll in the mountains. They are comfortable to wear and make a cute accessory to any outfit. I will soon be offering necklace and crochet headband package discounts. Please contact for more information.

Payments are accepted via the Square store only, and products are advertised as shown. Photos are not enhanced on the ads posted, however color hues may vary slightly depending on your monitor's color settings. Please contact the shop if you have any questions!

All photos have been watermarked for copyright protection.


The name comes from a song by The Doors; however the meaning is a little different for the store.

When crocheting and especially with flower headbands: the amount of different color combinations are limitless - hence the shop name.

Krystal's favorite things to create are flower headbands, and that is mostly what is offered at the store for now. Everything else is time consuming to make (scarves, blankets, etc) - so please let me know if you want to request something. Big projects might just take a little longer.